view from flying microlight trike

RAAus pilots are required to complete a Biennial FLight Review with an instructor at two yearly intervals (unless an additional endorsement including a flight test has been completed in the meantime). Pilots rated for more than one aircraft group should conduct the review in alternate groups if they wish to retain the priviledges to fly them. You can check when your BFR is due for renewal by logging onto the members portal via the RAAus website.

We sometimes come across pilots who are worried about undertaking the review or who object to having to do so. In our opinion neither concern is necessary. The flight is a review not a test. There is no pass or fail - the worst which can happen is that the instructor recommends that you do some additional training if they don't think your flying is up to scratch.

Treat the BFR as an opportunity to brush up on those skills which aren't often practised - stalls and emergency landings are favourites in our experience. If there is some particular part of your flying skill set that you have always struggled with or not understood then the BFR is an ideal opportunity to practise it with an instructor.

Many pilots also get a bit lazy keeping up with the latest legislative changes. It isn't easy when they are changed so frequently but it is our responsiblity to be aware of the latest rules and regulations and the BFR is an ideal time to go through this with an instructor.

So don't be downhearted when your BFR is approaching renewal - come and see us at Caboolture Microlights