... about buying a used microlight in Australia

Unlike fixed wing aircraft where it is common for qualified pilots to rent a flying school aircraft, the relatively low price of trikes (and the fact that they can be stored at home) means that most weightshift pilots buy their own aircraft. With some many different models and prices buying an aircraft can seem quite duanting but we have the answer

Secondhand Trike Guide

Part I of the guide describes all of the trike models and variants commonly found for sale in Australia together with relevant points to aid the prospective purchaser.

Part II of the guide (which was recently published in Sport Pilot magazine) provides some tips and "tricks of the trade" to help finding your aircraft, negotiating the purchase and the legal requirements for transferring ownership

Previously this guide was only available to Caboolture Microlight Club members but, to celebrate finally launching our new, responsive, website we are making available to all Australian trike pilots.

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