Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) is actually a certification category for aircraft designed to the ASTM standards. It originated in the USA and allows manufacturers to self-certify aircraft with a maximum take-off weight not exceeding 600kg. In Australia, the term LSA is often used generically to describe fixed wing aircraft which are heavier and higher performance than traditional ultralights but which are lighter than General Aviation aircraft.

The qualification required to fly them is the same pilot certificate issued by Recreational Aviation Australia that is needed to fly microlight trikes or ultralights. Conversion between the different types of aircraft is not difficult but does require some difference training.

TAF Sling Light Sports Aircraft
sling lsa aircraft

The Sling is designed and built in South Africa by the (less than imaginatively named) Aircraft Factory. They have rapidly become one of the most popular aircraft of this category in Australia with high levels of performance and comfort. It is powered by the iS (injected Sport) version of the legendary Rotax 912 and cruises in excess of 100kt whilst burning around 15 litre of unleaded car fuel per hour.

Our Sling is available for flying lessons and cross-hire to suitably qualified pilots (subject to check flight) and, with no membership, landing fees or other hidden costs, it is the cheapest in SE Qld

Sling2 cockpit
sling lsa aircraft cockpit
sling lsa aircraft
sling lsa aircraft - front