Caboolture Microlights

…is a recreational flying school based, as our name suggests, at Caboolture Aerodrome just north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

We fly weight-shift microlight aircraft (also known as Trikes), fixed wing Ultralights and Light Sport Aircraft


Located at Caboolture Airport, we provide lessons in flying Sling 2 Aircraft and Ultralight Trikes

Sling Aircraft
Sling Aircraft Caboolture air

Why Caboolture Microlights?

  • We care about our students – not about building hours for our next job at their expense
  • You learn with a highly experienced professional pilot examiner
  • We love what we do (teaching people to fly)
  • We operate 7 days / week
  • The most diverse fleet of recreational aircraft in Queensland (if not Australia)
  • Flying area contains beaches, islands mountains and valleys not flat dry paddocks as far as you can see.

Why learn to fly?

Human beings dreamt of flight for many millenia but powered flight was only achieved a little over a century ago. For most of the time since then aviation was the exclusive pastime of a very small, very wealthy, minority (with a few exceptions for the masses during major conflicts).

It was only the advent of ultralight aircraft in the 1970’s that affordable aviation became available to the population at large. So people alive today are one of only 2 or 3 generations of our species in the whole of history where ordinary people are able to experience the magic of seeing their own planet from the air piloting themselves.

There has never been a greater diversity of flying machines available and, in real terms, it will probably never be cheaper to learn to fly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license?

You don’t need a Private Pilots Licence of the sort required to fly a conventional aircraft. You must however possess a Pilot Certificate issued by one of the governing bodies of the sport in Australia (RA-Aus or HGFA). You must also be a current member of one of these organisations and your trike must be registered with the same organisation.

There are no minimum hours to fly each year to keep your pilot certificate current but you do have to do a flight check with an instructor every 2 years.

How long to learn?

Unfortunately this is a bit like the proverbial question about the length of a piece of string ! The legal minimum is for 20 hours flight training (including 5 hours of solo flight) and it is certainly possible to accomplish this.

Most people take a little bit longer to reach the necessary standard though so its best to allow for this. You will have a better idea once you have done a few flights but its worth remembering that the number of hours it takes to get your pilot certificate has no relevance to the qualified pilots competence.

Are they safe?

Let’s be honest – if you are thinking about microlights or ultralights, then this question will have occurred to you. And it will also occur to your family, friends and colleagues who will doubtless take every opportunity to question your sanity for undertaking such a “hazardous” pastime. It’s true that, back in the 1970’s when ultralighting was in its infancy, there were a number of casualties. It was no different to the early 1900’s when man first started flying. Experimentation naturally involves a degree of risk.

Can I fly where I want

Recreational pilots are generally not currently allowed into the airspace close to major commercial airports or military bases and there are other places from which they are restricted at certain times (such as bombing ranges !).

Apart from these, it is possible to fly almost everywhere in Australia subject to the “rules of the air” applicable to all the other pilots and aircraft which we share the skies with.

Am I too poor, old or ill?

There is no escaping the fact that flying is going to cost money in just the same way as boating or 4×4 driving does.It’s not as expensive as you might suspect though – a recreational pilot certificate could cost as little as $5000 and you can buy a perfectly servicable aircraft from $10,000 or less. Recreational aircraft are close to being the cheapest form of powered flight with running costs similar to those of a small car.

Can I fly when I want?

Recreational aircraft are not like airliners and they cannot be flown at night or in poor visibility such as fog. As they are amongst the lightest of all flying machines, there are also limits to the wind strength in which it is sensible to fly. Contrary to popular opinion, these limits are little different to most other conventional small aircraft although that doesn’t necessarily mean it would be wise for an inexperienced pilot to fly in them.

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