Mark Gentry

Has been involved with homebuilt aircraft for many years and did some hang-gliding before learning to fly trikes at Caboolture. Now qualified as an RAAus Chief Flight Instructor on weightshift aircraft.

Mark also owns the Micro Aviation Bantam ultralight used at Caboolture Microlights and is planning to add 3-axis instruction to his repertoire.

Steve Bartlett

Steve flew trikes and GA aircraft in South Africa and obtained his RAAus weightshift instructors rating at Caboolture Microlights after moving to Rockhampton. Steve owns the Airborne XT912 Tundra Arrow and Sling LSA which are used for flight training at satellite school at Hedlow near Rockhampton.

Neil Schaefer

Neil started flying hang-gliders in the 70’s and logged over 1000 hours. He first flew in a trike in 1986, got his pilot certificate and an Edge X in 2004 and “hasn’t looked back since”. As well as helping out at Caboolture Microlights, Neil was the CFI of GoFly Aviation at Caboolture before accepting his current role working for RAAus as Assistant Operations Manager. He currently owns an Airborne Tlite and a Savannah ultralight and flies many other types on a regular basis.