Caboolture Microlights are proud to be the South East Queensland microlight dealer for Airborne Australia.

Airborne were established in 1983 at Redhead near Newcastle NSW by brothers Shane, Ricky and Russell Duncan. Their interest in microlights started as means to launch hang-gliders which they flew in competitions. They are a world leader in microlight aircraft design and certify these designs to Australian Civil Aviation and UK Civil Aviation standards which are currently the highest level of certification in the industry. This has allowed Airborne to sell it’s aircraft into strictly regulated markets such as the UK, Germany, and Israel. Airborne microlights have been exported to over 30 countries including China and the USA.

They design and manufacture a complete range of microlights from single seat nanolights, tundra and tourer trikes with two or four stroke engines and wings from light handling single surface through to high speed touring strutted designs. Click the menu options on the right for more information.

The company also manufactures a complete range of hang gliders for the World market to suit all pilot levels and are the Ocenia distributor for Magni gyroplanes

Their philosophy has always been simple – to create an exceptionally safe and reliable aircraft finished to the highest possible standard.


It is obviously of critical importance that that aircraft are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards. This applies as much to our aircraft as to passenger carrying airliners.The photos below are just a small sample to illustrate the degree of testing undertaken on the Airborne XT to allow it to be certified for sale worldwide.

Wing negative load test (1.38 ton)

Wing positive load test (2.78 ton)

Engine mount load test

Forward emergency landing (9g)

Further details and images of the tests available at Airborne.