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Airborne V-Lite

The T-Lite, can be flown with the Core or the F2-T wing. It is powered by the incredibly fuel efficient 27hp Polini Thor 190 electric start engine. The Polini engine is purpose built for light weight soaring craft. It is extremely quiet and only weighs in at 32.8 kg.

Simplicity is the key with this design. The Airborne T-Lite can be pulled down in minutes and the trike base folds up to fit in the boot of a reasonable size car. The wing is carried on the roof racks and is not much heavier than a standard hang glider. It isn’t just a hang glider though, the Core wing is built to handle the design loads and Airborne has performed stringent load testing to ensure the structural integrity of the design.The new CORE and F2-T wings are designed specifically for Nanolight trikes and look impressive. The top sail of the Core is made from mylar PX cloth which makes it easy to wipe clean. This wing has undergone extensive load testing and is rated as per the specifications.

The V-Lite is designed to comply with Australian HGFA sub 70kg regulations. These regulations allow hang glider pilots to fly sub 70kg aircraft with a simple powered endorsement. The F2-T wing although specially adapted to fly with the V-Lite can also be flown as a foot launched hang glider. This aspect makes the V-lite even better value. The V-Lite is powered by the Polini Thor 100 two stroke 110cc 20.5hp engine.

The T-Lite / V-Lite trike base is engineered to the usual Airborne standard. The 10 litre fuel tank is removable so the pilot can carry it for re-fueling if necessary. A neat fuel line connecter allows the user to disconnect the fuel tank in seconds with the push of a button. The removable upholstered seat on the T-Lite is comfortable enough for those longer duration flights. The mast on the T-Lite uses a T Bar to lock it into place. The T Bar is released to allow the mast to come forward so the wing can be attached to the base. This makes assembling the T-Lite easy compared to many other designs.

Prices start from AU$20,727 for the T-Lite and AU$17,832 for the V-Lite


  T-Lite V-Lite
Never Exceed Speed (KIAS) 46 46
Manoeuvring Speed (KIAS) 34 34
Cruise Speed @MTOW (KIAS) 31 29
Stall Speed @ MTOW (KIAS) 17 16
Climb Rate @ MTOW (fpm) 600 390
Recommended Climb Speed (KIAS) 23 23
Take off Run (m) 55 125
Take off Distance to 15 mts (m) 115  
Maximum Cross Wind (kts) 11 12
Land Distance @ MTOW from 15 mts (m) 218 210
Descent Rate 49 kts @ MTOW (fpm) 315 360
Glide Distance from 1000 ft (miles) 1.5  
Typical Fuel Burn @ Cruise (MTOW) (lph) 4.1 2.9
Range @ Cruise (km) 113 176

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